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Sebastião Salgado. Wounds

45 min visit

Espace Krajcberg
25 Sep → 27 Feb 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« It's never too late to start... »

Ecology is at the heart of current controversies: ecological mayors in France, climatosceptics in the United States... It's a never-ending debate! To make us aware of the urgency facing us, Sebastião Salgado takes aerial photographs of the Amazonian forest. It is the only place that, according to him, is timeless and far from the destructive hand of man. Green lung of our planet, it has a most important role in the natural balance. It is true that Brazilian nature is one of the few still wild and rather well preserved. However, Sebastião Salgado has witnessed the fires of which the Amazonian forest has been a victim. Like an open wound, a fire is a wound that spreads and keeps growing. But it is still curable! Through nine breathtaking photographs, Sebastião Salgado restores hope to humanity, capable of repairing the damage it has caused. The place in which his photographs are exhibited is not meaningless, quite the contrary! Frans Krajcberg was just as fascinated as Sebastião Salgado by Brazilian trees and vegetation. The works of these two artist-activists come together in different forms: photographs and sculptures of burnt wood are in dialogue. Just as the Amazonian forest is affected, Frans Krajcberg is a wounded man. Wounded by the Holocaust and the violence of war, he was eventually healed. Both artists have the same will: to denounce in order to make us aware of human error.


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