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Contemporary art

Serge Bloch. Laughter Boxes

45 min visit

The Centquatre
5 Feb → 8 Mar 2020
From Wed to Sun from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed on Mon & Tue.

« A way of inviting everyone to take a mischievous look at the world!  »

It's been proven! Laughing increases life expectancy: on average seven years more for people who are used to smiling! Essential to our lives, humour must therefore be part of our daily lives, a belief to which cartoonist Serge Bloch adheres. In this exhibition, technology is at the service of his inventiveness and humour. Full of inventiveness, he has created laughter boxes at 104 that invite us to fill up on laughter. Cubes of varying sizes, ear, head or group sizes, are distributed throughout the space and allow visitors to try out different devices. Several artists have thus staged funny stories, situation or word games, videos and drawings with the aim of making the visitor play and smile. In amusing, sometimes interactive settings, thanks to animated objects, drawings that come to life or distorting mirrors, the visitor finally becomes the object of the show. Head stuck in a cube, attentive ear near a gap, surprise at a deformation of the reflection: laughing at oneself is the last step in this invitation to fun.


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