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Street art

Seth Playtime

45 min visit

Galerie Itinérance
6 Feb → 11 Apr 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday 12 pm to 7 pm. Closed on Monday & Sunday.

« Hurry up to see this street-art figure!  »

There's the Little Prince, sitting on a planet of books. Babel has become a staircase of books, climbed by a boy who seems to reach the light thanks to them. In Korea, a round of children's colourful shadows gives the impression of a playful and multiple disembodiment, made possible thanks to games. These portraits of children, gigantic street art, are the work of the artist Seth. His work is characterized by the subject matter of childhood, the simplicity of lines, the bright colours and the willingness to present oneself effectively and clearly to passengers in the street. The motifs he chooses are based on the imaginary, his own first, but also on that of the place where he paints: local gods, myths, tales. The child is placed in a difficult social, political and geographical context and, thanks to the innocence he represents, he becomes a spokesman. Seth shows the extent of the imagination that the youngest children are able to show, by confronting their world directly with reality, that is to say, with the street. His work reminds us of what we had forgotten in our childhood and, finally, reveals our humanity.


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