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Siemen Dijkstra, A bois perdu

45 min visit

Fondation Custodia
7 Jul → 6 Sep 2020
Tuesday to Sunday from 12 am to 6 pm. Closed on Monday.

« Engraving is an ancestral technique. Siemen Dijkstra masters all aspects of it. It's a great beauty! Ticket on site »

You'd think art on paper would come from a distant past. However, even today, some artists still draw and engrave, such as the Dutch artist Siemen Dijkstra, who expresses his attachment to nature through colourful woodcuts. His fisheye prints are saturated with plants and branches, waves and grass, without ever losing sight of the overall picture of a harmonious landscape, bathed in light. Dijkstra thus returns his love for the landscape of the Drenthe (Netherlands) where he grew up and questions the risk of its disappearance, at a time when the exploitation of nature is accelerating. The woodcutting process he uses means that each colour flat is individually cut out of a unique wood matrix and successively printed on the paper. The time he puts into his work is underpinned by the need to make the drawn landscape eloquent. Through a selection of the artist's best engravings, combined with a large number of drawings, gouache and watercolours, the visitor will be able to discover this work whose technique seems to come from another time, and yet more current than ever.


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