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Visual art

So far so good!

60 min visit

The Centquatre
13 Oct → 9 Feb 2020
From Wed to Sun from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed on Mon & Tue.

« A futuristic and powerful approach on a more than topical subject!  »

For many of us, the digital transition is scary. Because in the word "transition", there is this idea of transforming something that is not yet well defined. We're moving towards something we don't fully master, let's be honest! This transition and this moving digital world raise many questions, tensions and anxieties. The main exhibition of the Nemo Biennale of Digital Arts "So far so good? "sets foot in the dish and pushes the thinking even further by imagining a technological world deserted by humans. It takes visitors on a journey where they, Beings of the Future, post-human, discover a museum abandoned since 2019, after the disappearance of the human race... Room after room, they discover an exhibition of contemporary digital art and robotics in which the works have continued to operate in total autonomy, without their creators or their initial public. Paradoxically, this exhibition had been programmed at an age when humans were worried, precisely, about their possible disappearance, their plausible replacement by machines and A.I. From then on, what is a speculative exhibition, questioning more or less desirable futures, becomes an archaeology exhibition in 2019. A whole program! On the occasion of the All-Nighter, this October 5, 104 provides a first glimpse of this exhibition, a week before its official opening.


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