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Contemporary art

Surface Horizon

90 min visit

Lafayette Anticipations
17 Jun → 5 Sep 2021
From Wednesday to Monday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Tuesday.

« A fascinating dive into a sensory, dreamlike and fantastic universe! »

Do you like surrealist stories and fables? Be immersed in fascinating, sensory worlds and experience a visit. Then go and see "Surface Horizon", the Foundation's new exhibition. Through several scenes evoking catastrophe, renewal, truce, cosmic times or elsewhere, the scenario of the exhibition, imagined by Marguerite Humeau, takes the form of a walk in which the visitor meets these evocative landscapes. Composed of plants, greenhouses, sculptures and the presence of individuals gifted with "extrasensory" perceptions, this experience invites us to think about future worlds and to heal the present world. Drawing on the history of our relationship with the earth, this journey considers its contamination, its exhaustion and its burns caused by part of the human species. Against a territorial and exclusive vision, the artists perceive the earth as a place of exchange and interdependence. "Surface Horizon" is a fable, an opera, a science fiction composed of the two artists' mixed works. Marguerite Humeau deploys sculptures and "plant performances" inspired by the theory of signatures, an immemorial research on medicinal plants which sees in their silhouettes the shape of the parts of the human body that they can heal. Jean-Marie Appriou's scenes, from the myth of the human "gatherer-sower-gladiator" to the community of Japanese Ama, fisherwomen in apnea, turn human and non-human relationships into fantastic and dreamlike visions conducive to metamorphosis. Curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, the exhibition proposes a hybridization between beings and sketches a mythology of the present times, narratives nourished by sensitivities, attentions, and renewed dignities.


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