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Contemporary art


45 min visit

Maubert Gallery
9 Feb → 3 Apr 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« What is the purpose of contemporary art? While trying to answer this question, Sylvie Fanchon takes us into her colorful and offbeat universe! »

To put it very simply, this is the challenge Sylvie Fanchon has set herself. Her desire to reveal things around the contemporary art business allows her to invest two floors of the Maubert gallery with two monumental paintings! These serve as a support for other smaller and more recent paintings by the artist. This superimposition further accentuates the contrast between the screaming colors found in many of Sylvie Fanchon's works in general. It is a painting that speaks to everyone and easy to access because it does not necessarily require interpretation, it is a very simple painting. Just like the technique used by the artist! Instead of shouting things, she paints them in capital letters, without spaces and in English so that everyone can understand. The letters are, on top of that, like blurred with paint spread with a squeegee. The whole thing is painted in a lively biochemistry! If the message is troubled, it is no less clear: Sylvie Fanchon denounces contemporary art that is becoming more and more commercial, the glory around the artists and the critics that follow... Here, the figures of the Looney Toons for example remind us of the American popular culture that has become global and that has contributed to this mass commercialization of art. Figuration and abstraction blend together to form a harmonious, yet contrasting whole... To meditate on!


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