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Taysir Batniji A few snippets torn from the deepening void

50 min visit

Mac Val
19 May → 9 Jan 2022
Only on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm. Ticket on site-only

« A work of great poetry on the search for identity, between intimacy and politics, to be discovered without fail!  »

Photographs, videos, installations and paintings - the MAC/VAL presents all the facets of the poetic work of the Franco-Palestinian artist Taysir Batniji, which tells of exile, the quest for identity, disappearance and impermanence. The title of the exhibition, borrowed from Georges Perec's "Espèces d'espaces", "to snatch a few precise snippets from the emptiness that is being dug up, to leave, somewhere, a furrow, a trace, a mark or a few signs", marks this need to materialise memories. This exhibition presents some fifty works of a very diverse nature and medium. It opens with his most documentary work, "ID Project" (1993-2020), a set of facsimiles of identity papers that tell the story of the artist's administrative journey, from Gaza until he obtained French nationality in 2012. Starting with the travel document issued by the Israeli authorities, we discover what it says about his "undefined" nationality. The tone is set! How to build an identity with an undefined nationality? Alongside this quest, he also addresses the question of territory, that of Palestine of course, where it is difficult for him to enter and leave. Logically, the question of the border and displacement also follows. Thus, the traces that Taysir Batniji has recorded of his life are brought together in the same space. Reservation & ticket on site


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