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The Cat strolls the Champs-Élysées

35 min visit

Champs Élysées
16 Mar → 9 Jun 2021

« A strange exhibition on the Cats-Elysées... »

To mark the opening of the Musée du Chat et de l'Humour in Brussels in 2023, Philippe Geluck is organising an open-air exhibition on the Champs-Elysées! A total of 20 sculptures will adorn the famous Parisian avenue. You won't be able to miss them: 2.7 metres high and weighing 2.5 tonnes! They are all funny sketches: the Cat in a tutu, shooting with a bow or playing the flute... Sketches we all know! Since its creation in 1983, the Cat has been known beyond the borders of his country. In fact, the Cat is much more than a cat... He is in fact a rather large, grey and pointy-eared anti-hero. The alter-ego of his cartoonist freely expresses his political thought, generally left-wing and against all forms of religion, sometimes accompanied by other characters such as his wife or other caricatures. The bug has become my interpreter, like an actor for whom I write sketches! In fact, it's another me. Through it, I free myself. I sometimes play with fire, but that's the role of the comedian! "says Philippe Geluck. The Cat appeared for the very first time on the wedding invitations of its author, accompanied by his wife Chatte. It was then in 1983 that it was made public following the request of a Belgian daily newspaper. Since then, this is the first time that we have seen the Cat in the form of sculptures! Not surprising when you know that Philippe Geluck's brother, Jean-Christophe, is a graphic designer and sculptor. As for his father, he was a press cartoonist, under the pseudonym Diluc. It seems that talent runs in the family!


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