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The experience of Magic

90 min visit

Musée de la Magie et des Automates
22 Sep → 31 Dec 2019
Wed, Sat and Sun from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri.

« An original way to discover the art of magic and the world of automatons »

Everyone was once passionate about magic. You want to learn magic, and with your children? It is never too late. Take advantage of a weekend or Wednesday to visit the Magic Museum, which will introduce you to a thousand-year-old art that is secret to the public through collections unique in the world, optical illusions, interactive games and a permanent show... Its mission is to show that magic is an art in its own right with its past, its history and its techniques: "a true magic culture". The collection crystallizes the quintessence of Magic Art and allows us to discover the secrets and beauty of Magic Art. Thanks to magician guides and following an illusionist show punctuating the visit, you will have the opportunity to dream once again of Magic... You can also discover the Automaton Museum, which offers an exhibition where more than 100 automatons "do their show". Visitors are invited to discover the strange and wonderful world of these curious machines, both toys and mechanical masterpieces. All the pieces offered to our admiration are an animated testimony of one of the components of human genius: the dream. Automatons make dreams come true, nourished by the imagination, technical know-how and genius of the artists who designed them. At the same time tinged with a comical or devastating humour, each character sends us back an image of ourselves, which, under the apparent futility of the game, shakes up our reality to open the doors of the imagination to us. By pressing the buttons that trigger each little character, we will discover the interactive surprises reserved for visitors to this fun and unusual exhibition.


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