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Contemporary art

The Extatics. Nothing to see.

60 min visit

Paris La Défense
Esplanade of La Defense
26 Jun → 4 Oct 2020
Open air

« An exceptional walk on sunny days that allows you to enjoy art in the open air, in complete freedom! »

Good news! Eclectic, joyful, colourful, the 2020 edition of " Extatiques " comes to populate the Esplanade de la Défense and the gardens of La Seine Musicale with contemporary works. This edition, entitled "Rien à voir", presents improbable installations, created especially for the occasion, which encourage visitors to experiment. Artists known to the French public, including Fabrice Hyber, the ceramist Elsa Sahal and the Italian sound artist Matteo Nasini, or the French naturalized Venezuelan painter Carlos Cruz-Diez, rub shoulders with others less well known, such as the Canadian artist Julie C. Fortier, who proposes an olfactory garden where coloured glass capsules offer fragrant accords. Elsa Sahal creates an immense meander that seems to bring aquatic creatures to the surface. Fabrice Hyber's fountain sculptures are conceived as living organisms to be seen, touched and smelled. Carlos Cruz-Diez transforms reality with a participatory sculpture, made of coloured slats through which everyone can rediscover the place. As for Matteo Nasini, he calls for contemplation with his sound sculpture, reminiscent of church bells. Whether they defy the visible, the senses, gravity or the codes of power, all these works seek to sharpen the visitor's sense of perception.


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