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The factory of time EXTENSION

45 min visit

Galerie DIX9
7 Mar → 27 Jun 2020
From Tue to Fri 2 pm to 7 pm. Sat 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Mon and Sun.

« A sinuous approach to time as seen by the artists or how they try to seize it!  »

How do we define time? How is it apprehended? What is its nature? From this vast physical and metaphysical subject, the questions have never ceased to nourish artistic practices. We manufacture time and rarely realize its elasticity. Artists brought together by the Dix9 gallery have taken up this subject and show that the readings of time vary. Leyla Cardenas in her concern to materialize time with video installations or Paula de Solminihac in her observation of the cycles of the elements take up the vertical reading of archaeologists, through material stratifications. Conversely, Vincent Lemaire chooses the horizontal reading of historians and unfolds the times of family portraits, where Katia Kameli superimposes the manuscripts of the same literature. In a photographic series on the flooding of the Three Gorges region, Yang Yi plays with the subjectivity of time, which often becomes historical. From there, Anila Rubiku wonders about memory and the role of art as a time turner. Karine Hoffman's paintings form an archipelago of images where the limits of time become blurred. Each of their practices brings us back to our own consciousness and awareness of time.


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