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The Golden Age of Danish Painting (1801 - 1864)

75 min visit

Petit Palais
15 Dec → 17 Jan 2021
From Tue to Sun 10 am to 6 pm. Closed Mon. Nocturnal Fri until 9 pm for exhibitions.

« An invitation to discover a unique moment in the history of Danish painting, more precise and delicate than ever. »

"Everything is a miracle, everything is magic in everyday life! "No other phrase, signed Hans Christian Andersen, better describes the iconography of the golden age of Danish painting. Meticulously presented by the Petit Palais in its new exhibition, the period 1801 - 1864 marks a turning point for Danish art. In spite of the political and economic weakening of the country, Denmark experienced an artistic and cultural blossoming where the harmony between artists, writers and scientists was unprecedented. Helped by the rise of the bourgeoisie, which favored their freedom, painters addressed the subjects of everyday life to forge the image of a powerful and united nation. They meticulously paint bucolic landscapes to capture the essence of the country, develop the genre of portraiture both official and intimate, approach secular subjects and the evolution of society. The exhibition presents more than 200 works by leading artists - Christoffer Eckersberg, Christen Købke, Martinus Rørbye - under the prism of the political and social context, rethought by recent research. With a direct ticket to 19th century Denmark, it leads us to discover a singular and endearing pictorial style, without equivalent in Europe.


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