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Modern art

The Golden Age of English painting

105 min visit

Luxembourg Museum
11 Sep → 16 Feb 2020
Every day from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm.

« Attention, masterpieces in sight! »

Do you know Gainsborough, Reynolds? Turner? No? Oh my god!!!!! 😱😱 Okay Let's go! In September, the Luxembourg Museum offers an ambitious journey through the golden age of English painting. You will discover the great masters of painting but also those of Watercolour. Because yes, it is on the other side of the sleeve that we practice and give these letters of nobility to this art. Supported by the king, British painters explored a diversity of styles and themes - family, nature, daily life, rural life and Britain's presence in India - which was then perceived by contemporaries as a sign of an artistic golden age. Rich and diversified, English painting flourished in all pictorial genres: portraits, landscapes and scenes of daily life flourished. On the other hand, although historical painting developed strongly at that time as in France, it underwent a radical transformation during that period. The last part of the exhibition shows how British artists have developed narrative figuration to take it to the sublime, and how some have paved the way for a new conception of art as a medium for the imagination. Not to be missed under any circumstances.


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