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The image and its double

60 min visit

Pompidou Centre
15 Sep → 13 Dec 2021
From Wed to Mon from 11 am to 9 pm. Nocturnal Thu until 9 pm. Closed Tue.

« This original exhibition presents photography in its entirety, from its nature to its most technical specificities, by linking it with other artistic disciplines. »

Walter Benjamin wrote in 1935 "The work of art at the time of its technical reproducibility". He explains that even if in principle, the work of art has always been reproducible with painting, casting, wood engraving, and later printing, and that it was even encouraged because learning was achieved through the imitation of masterpieces, it is its technical and chemical reproduction that is new and revolutionary. This is the primary character of photography and the reason why it was first used. The imprint of reality can be multiplied infinitely, even more since the arrival of digital. It is this notion of reproducibility that is at the heart of the work of certain artists, fascinated by the mechanism of repetition and copy. Beyond the technique, it is a whole aesthetic that fascinates them, as well as their place as an author. What makes a photograph: the person who takes it? The model, the captured object? Or simply the camera? This group exhibition brings together historical and contemporary photographers. Among them are Pierre Boucher, Man Ray, Raoul Ubac, Constantin Brancusi, Berenice Abbott, Hirofumi Isoya, Miklos Erdely, Timm Ulrichs, Paolo Gioli, Sara Cwynar, Kanji Wakae, Wallace Berman, Bruno Munari, Pati Hill, Eric Rondepierre, Susan Meiselas or Philipp Goldbach. Some sixty works from the Centre Pompidou's collections are brought together for the occasion, including some that were recently acquired thanks to the Groupe des Amis de la Photographie du Centre Pompidou (GAP).


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