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Contemporary art

The primitive soul

90 min visit

Zadkine Museum
29 Sep → 27 Feb 2022
From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed on Monday.

« Discover a major part of the artist's production, surrounded by Fauvist and contemporary works!  »

At the beginning of the XXth century, the return on art called "primitive", clumsy formula to designate the art of traditional societies. Many artists of the School of Paris, French or not, were interested in it. Among them, Ossip Zadkine, for whom the change was radical. His sculptural language was transformed, going far beyond formal research into art and these civilizations. He was not only inspired by them but invented a new way of forming these sculptures. It is a real defiance towards modern society and its values that the artist questions with his works. Not surprising when you know a little about the artist! Of Russian origin, Ossip Zadkine is a sculptor with the gesture of a craftsman. During his studies at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 1910, he discovered ancient statuary art at the Louvre. It is by going back to the sources of archaism, to the roots of the creation of his art that he forges his own visual language. Turning to the primitive arts appears to be the logical continuation of his path: it is not a loss of artistic knowledge or technique, but a return to the true link to the world. For this new exhibition, Zadkine's production from this period is in dialogue with that of his contemporary peers and artists of the second half of the 20th century. Wild, Fauvist or neo-primitivist, these are artists who are in some way close to the sculptor. In total, a hundred works are gathered in the former studio of Zadkine, now a museum: sculptures of course, but also paintings, installations and videos that have drawn creativity from the same sources form a unique artistic journey. Some of the works have never been shown to the general public before. The exhibition opens with a deconstruction of the concept of primitivism and continues with two important themes of this movement: the body, the shelter of the soul, and the home, a place of life and reflection.


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