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Contemporary art

The Silence of Movement

75 min visit

Pavillon Carré de Baudouin
17 Sep → 21 Dec 2019
From Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« A new experience to live at the PCB where the movement guides you from work to work!  »

After three exhibitions dedicated to humanist and social photography, the Pavillon Carré Baudoin gives "carte blanche" to Eko Sato, gallery owner, who brings together a 15th group of artists in a very beautiful collective exhibition. In an era of immediacy and immediacy, this exhibition is a manifesto, an invitation to meet again. "The Silence of Movement" is a sensory experience that favours slowness and silence over hubbub and the aggression of speed. Through sculptures, mixing kinetic art and contemporary art, whose movement is an integral part and the static creations that awaken the idea, the spectator is invited to an immersion where elegance rhymes with purity. Overcoming hierarchies and bringing together the works of artists of different origins and generations, the exhibition highlights the drawings of threads on paper by the Portuguese artist Catarina Rosa, the silence of Laurent Debraux's sculptures, Damien Bénéteau's work on light, the exploration around the emptiness of Argentina Gladys Nistor, Pascal Haudressy's questioning between materiality and immateriality. The geometric abstraction of Japanese artist Haruhiko Sunagawa is in dialogue with the outstanding poetry of Justin Fiske, from Cape Town, and the aerial dance of the post-industrial entity of German-Polish Karina Smigla-Bobinski. The reflection on body language and our relationship to the world continues with the minute of silence proposed by the Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin. Sometimes automated, sometimes activated by the spectator, the creations and sculptures come to life and come to life as the visit progresses. Eko Sato offers us a beautiful journey, a sensory experience and an immersion in a universe where time and the sounds of the city remain suspended, leaving room for the silence of movement. Translated with


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