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Modern art

The Strange Tales of Niels Hansen Jacobsen, a Dane in Paris

75 min visit

Musée Bourdelle
16 Jun → 26 Jul 2020
From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed Monday.

« Let yourself be seduced by the strange and dreamlike world of the Danish sculptor!  »

For the first time in France, alongside the works of Bourdelle, stand the sculptures of Niels Hanson Jacobsen (1861-1941). The strange and dreamlike universe of the Dane brings to life a "Little Dreamy Mermaid", a "Leaning Troll", the claw-shaped greenhouse with three fingers in front, preparing to seize passers-by, "Death and the Mother with dark accents of misfortune", a "Mask of Autumn" in a format reinvented by the Symbolist masters. The exhibition highlights the Parisian Symbolist milieu, near 65 boulevard Arago, where Jacobsen rubbed shoulders with the sculptor and ceramist Jean Carriès, the collector Paul Jeanneney and the illustrator Eugène Grasset. In this "artistic convent" that is the "Cité Fleurie", the artist works on the formal explorations of Art Nouveau and its poetry of symbolism. He gives a carnal presence to the thickness of time, to the founding myths, to Andersen's tales, to the immemorial orality of folklore. As an alchemist playing with earth, enamels and the hazards of fire, the sculptor also became a master ceramist. This rich exhibition invites us to relive the emulation of the formal laboratory of symbolism that Paris had then become.


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