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The supermarket of images

75 min visit

Jeu de Paume Paris
11 Feb → 7 Jun 2020
From Wed to Sun from 11 am to 7 pm. Nocturnal Tue until 9 pm. Closed Mon.

« Coming up is a major multidisciplinary exhibition that looks at the effects of image overproduction!  »

More than three billion images shared every day on social networks! Travel memories, sharing over a meal or an exhibition, advertisements for all sorts of products, and even paper photographs. Incredible, isn't it? It's clear that we're in an image suproduction. Faced with such overproduction, the question of their storage, management, transport, fluidity of exchanges, fluctuating values - in short, the question of their economy - arises more than ever. This dimension takes on the name of "iconomy" in this exhibition. The selected works take an incisive look at such issues. They reflect on the economic changes created by these upheavals: scarce raw materials, invasive and polluting storage, mutations towards immaterial forms. They also question the future of visibility, at a time of new saturation: at a time when everything is accelerating, the image appears to be the only way to pause. Here, images of the economy speak each time of the economy of the image; and vice versa, as a constant double-sidedness that leads us to reflect on our own experiences and economy(ies).


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