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History & Civilizations

The symphony of colours, or how to paint music

60 min visit

Children's Museum - Préau des Accoules
19 May → 14 Oct 2021
Monday to Saturday, 4pm to 6pm. Closed on Mondays and public holidays.

« Young and old, your senses will be turned upside down! »

Cross the four pivotal periods of human history through the history of art! Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the modern and contemporary eras will be approached thanks to various and varied works: figurative, realistic, surrealist, abstract... Original sound creations accompany them, a didactic way to apprehend art and music at the same time! Combining two skills derived from the imagination makes it possible to explain even complex concepts to children: improvisation, automatism or even synesthesia, the association between a note and a colour, can be easily assimilated! Educational resources in PDF format are available on the Museums of Marseille website. Have your children reproduce a Kandinsky or a paper bird based on Baya's "Women and zither" from 1966. Let your imagination run wild!


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