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Modern art

The Weisman & Michel Collection. 1880-1916

75 min visit

Montmartre Museum
11 Oct → 19 Jan 2020
Every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

« A unique and rare collection that portrays an eclectic Montmartre!  »

Often when you start to build a collection of artwork, you are interested in a movement, a style or an artist, or a theme. This was the case of David E. Weisman and Jacqueline E. Michel who surrounded themselves with works by artists who painted the same neighbourhood - Montmartre, and at a very specific time, the Belle-Époque period. An extremely rare occurrence, the unique collection of this collection is to be discovered at the Musée Montmartre for the first time. The exhibition presents 130 pieces (drawings, paintings, watercolours, pastels, posters and lithographs) created by the artists, who, through their art, have given Montmartre its universal reputation. By focusing on the late 19th and early 20th century (1880-1914), American collectors David E. Weisman and Jacqueline E. Michel draws with this corpus the portrait of an eclectic Montmartre where creativity and the beauty of the instantaneous triumph. It is thus a moment of freedom and intense cultural abundance where celebration is in the spotlight. An independent district of Paris will become the symbol of it, it is Montmartre! Cafés-concerts, cabarets, circuses, streets and squares will be real sources of inspiration for artists who wish to break with academic art. Ibels, Steinlen, Toulouse-Lautrec, Anquetin, Grasset, Rivière, Chéret, Faverot, Carrière, Valtat, Valadon and Willette... present in the collection with several works, are the famous witnesses.


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