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The world’s curiosities of Françoise Huguier

90 min visit

Quai Branly Museum
30 Jun → 11 Oct 2020
From Tue to Sun, from 10:30am to 7pm. Nocturnal Thu > 10pm. Closed Mon

« An exhibition to explore as one reads a travel diary »

This "is a red star I found on a grave in a Siberian gulag," here "a voodoo doll that only I can touch. Otherwise watch out for the curse! "and there "a teapot that I bought from a young Tuareg in Timbuktu". Famous French photographer who has travelled all over the world, Françoise Huguier cultivates her own universe. An adventurer, she has attended historic fashion shows, packed her bags for Japan, seen the holds of Siberia and Korean backrooms, photographed The Phantom Africa from Dakar to Djibouti. From each of her peregrinations, she has also brought back an eclectic collection of objects, from the most mysterious to the most familiar, whose story she tells with humour. Paintings, jewellery, trinkets, cinema posters, crockery, masks, shells... For this exhibition, she has moved her cabinet of curiosities to the Quai Branly, recreating the very strong link between these objects and her photographs. Unusual and unprecedented, Françoise Huguier's curiosities of the world can only surprise you.


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