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Visual art

Valérie Belin

45 min visit

Galerie Obadia - Saint-Merri
6 Feb → 4 Apr 2020
From Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed on Sunday.

« A prolific artist, whose work is as fascinating as it is imposing to discover without fail!  »

French photographer, of international stature, Valérie Belin returns for a new exhibition in her gallery. Window displays have become familiar elements of our daily lives, which we pass by without thinking about it, occasionally risking a glance at our reflection, sometimes stopping when we are challenged - by an object, an image. They are an integral part of urbanity. The window has always been a source of inspiration for Valérie Belin. At the beginning of the 1990s, she first made photographs of jewellery and junk exhibited in various shopping galleries, followed by photographs of vases, mirrors and mannequins. For her, a shop window is a real small urban theatre. Open to the street, it displays merchandise, exhibited and staged, everything being a mirror in which the urban landscape and passers-by are reflected. In her photographs, the artist superimposes these two aspects through the accumulation of images that cross places and times. She thus forms a kind of 'mental' landscape, imagined, and yet constructed by perception. More than ever, the overprinting of images in contemporary urban culture is emerging.


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