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Modern art

Victor Brauner. I am the dream. I am the inspiration.

90 min visit

Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris
18 Sep → 25 Apr 2021
From Wed to Fri from 10 am to 6 pm. Nocturnal Thu until 10 pm. Closed on Mon.

« An exhibition to discover a singular figure of surrealism, as close as possible to the mysticism of the movement »

Victor Brauner is the story of a mystical surrealism: his 1938 Self-Portrait with a punctured eye announces in a premonitory way the loss of his eye seven years later, his anguished work shows what is invisible and the most secret doctrines (tarot, spiritism, Kabbalah) constitute his refuge during his exile during the Second World War. From these spiritual inclinations, a Romanian artist was born who established himself as a singular figure of surrealism. Today, the National Museum of Modern Art is devoting an impressive monograph to him, almost 50 years after the last retrospective dedicated to him. The chronological course of the exhibition allows us to discover his universe and his biography, which has always counted in his work, from the discovery of the Expressionist and Constructivist avant-gardes in Romania to the plunge into psychoanalysis at the end of his life, through his adhesion to Breton's Surrealist group. The magical aspect of his painting, peopled with chimeric creatures living in almost symbolist landscapes, stands out as a perfect illustration of surrealist theories.


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