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Violaine Lochu. BATTLE

60 min visit

Pablo Picasso National Museum
26 Jun → 27 Sep 2021
Every day from 10am to 12.15pm and from 2pm to 5pm. Until 6pm from July to mid-September.

« This performance exhibition has been specially designed for the venue where the Spanish master's War and Peace appears. »

Battle brings together the video of an in situ performance by Violaine Lochu, objects installed in the space and a sound piece to be discovered via a QR code. Battle against oneself, against others, internal conflict or in a social space, it is indeed a battle led by two men and two women. Past or future? Blue skinned, eyes black with kohl, white skirt and crown, they seem to be performing a mysterious ritual during which words are transcribed on paper. These words are then transformed into organic matter, ingested and released through singing. These words were collected from adults and children in Vallauris, by Violaine Lochu herself, during the winter of 2021. During these tête-à-tête sessions, these people confided their vision of combat, whether imaginary or real: the trauma of the Algerian war, family violence, bereavement, the struggle against an illness... All forms of combat are explored, turning real facts into fiction. The ceremonial aspect of the performance is reinforced by the fact that it takes place in an old chapel, recalling the primary function of the place. It establishes a dialogue with Picasso's work, a mural of universal significance that advocates peace. Tickets on site.


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