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Volcan Aslan. We Forget Because It Works

45 min visit

Galerie Paris-Beijing
16 Nov → 11 Jan 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« A committed artist, considered as a major figure in the Turkish contemporary art scene.  »

On the occasion of his entry into the Paris-Beijing gallery, Turkish artist Volkan Aslan is invited to present for the first time in a solo exhibition a series of works representative of his work on the idea of memory both as a burden and as a position of power. Volkan Aslan questions the manifestations of the social imagination in everyday life. His exhibition constitutes a corpus of works that are at the crossroads of different media: collage, video, installation, watercolour, although all respond to an artist's desire to anchor his practice in the collective memory of his native country. In line with his previous works, Volkan Aslan uses found objects, is interested in banal situations and more particularly in the relations of domination, direct or indirect, that we experience in our daily lives. While his exhibition "Don't Forget to Remember" at the ARTER Museum in 2013 explored the "rules" of remembrance, six years later, "We Forget Because It Works" marks an evolution in his work that now focuses on the healing power of forgetting. The video installation "Best Wishes" will be presented for the first time. It is the main axis around which the other works are articulated. It thus expresses the state of isolation in which peoples facing social conflicts find themselves. Other stories can be discovered there, such as in the series "Fragile" or through the neon "Mais" which shines in the gallery's space and denounces the state of oppression that reigns in the artist's country. In addition, there is the "Elections" series of five watercolours highlighting the absurdity of the elections that take place in Turkey almost every year. An exhibition that reveals another face of Turkey.


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