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Walking and walking A history of footwear

75 min visit

Museum of Decorative Arts
7 Nov → 22 Mar 2020
Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Nocturnal Thursday until 9 pm. Closed Monday.

« An exhibition as surprising as it is original around the shoe. Ready to put on your boots in 7 places?  »

Nothing seems more common than the shoes we put on every day to get out. However, this piece of clothing, which has been worn throughout the ages in many forms, is not always so harmless. This is shown in the exhibition Walking and Walking, which analyses footwear according to centuries and environments, social groups and cultures. To a need and a way of moving, the shoe adapts itself: small to excess for 18th century women who moved only very little, military in order to stand straight in his boots, become disproportionate for the clown's chalouped walk. Far from limiting itself to an anthropological approach to footwear, the exhibition also considers this piece as an essential object in fashion. Emblem of a profession, final accessory that defines the look, or symbol of oppression, the shoe imposes the question of gesture and movement. Through a rich exploration of this accessory, Walking and Gait will put you in your shoes - there is no doubt about it!


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