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What a movie!

90 min visit

Drawing Lab Paris
16 Jan → 25 Feb 2021
Every day from 11 am to 7 pm.

« Film, cartoon or painting ? When the boundaries between the arts become blurred... »

This exhibition mixes video excerpts from the French Cinematheque with works by artists from their galleries or studios. "Tout un film !" highlights the link, not always obvious, between graphic design and cinema. Cinema, before being filmed, goes through the writing stage, starting with the screenplay. The images are introduced progressively in the film making with the storyboard, most of the time resembling those of comic books. Graphic references to the 9th art are numerous in the cinema: framing, vignette or in the aesthetics of the film in general. Conversely, graphics are strongly inspired by cinema. In both mediums we find a set of images, appearing and disappeaing. Contemporary artists are particularly attentive to this two-way relationship. Inspired by both cinema and graphic design, they create new works by taking the example of these two mediums by mixing them, which are not so different after all. Discover the storyboards inspired by the Godfather by Alex Tavoularis, the film posters drawn by Camille Lavaud, the poetic drawings by Sébastien Laudenbach, the animations by Paul Grimault, the drawings by Mathieu Dufois, the acrylics by Antoine Marquis, extracts from the films of the great Akira Kurosawa, Alejandro Jodorowsky or William Kentridge, the multiple works of Elsa Werth as well as the work of Alexandre Trauner.


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