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Contemporary art

White on white

60 min visit

Gagosian Gallery - Paris
16 Jan → 6 Mar 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« The white man's a mess! To discover without fail a continuation of the history of abstraction.  »

White as snow, showing white paws, sewn with white thread, the white page syndrome... These expressions refer to white as an absence, a state of lack. Yet Malevich saw in this achromatism the possibility of a revolutionary interpretation, where total abstraction suggested utopia and infinity. From then on, the artists deployed the blank in an infinite range of formal and symbolic directions, finding in it an unexpected power and substance, summoning the raw potential of the blank page. The Gagosian Gallery's exhibition today brings together many artists who have explored the possibilities of this colour. Fontana, where the lacerations of the canvas express drama, far from the purity of white. Andy Warhol's abstract work of the last few years, which is known for its abundance of colour. Hans Arp, who creates statues of it, intended to be manipulated by the spectator. The few undyed natural fibre weaves of Sheila Hicks, as a return to the natural. All of them, in a variety of treatments and approaches, have taken hold of this hundred-year-old revolution in white, the full extent of which can be seen here.


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