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Women in Revolution

60 min visit

6 Mar → 3 Apr 2020
From Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

« An exciting exhibition honouring famous women from history and feminism on the occasion of World Women's Day!  »

Charlotte Corday, Lucile Desmoulins, Olympe de Gouges or Mrs Roland. Names of famous, well-known, model women. Of course, these are not the first names that come to mind when we talk about the French Revolution. And yet! At this great moment in history, great women responded. Between 1789 and 1794, women were where the Revolution took place: from the Bastille to the prisons of Terror, from the assembly to the Revolutionary Court, right up to the army and the bocage vendéen. Anonymous knitters, citizens of the suburbs and salons or speakers and rioters famous for their tribunes (de Gouges drafted the Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens, Charlotte Corday assassinated Marat), they took up arms. On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day 2020, this exhibition highlights the destiny of women imprisoned in the Conciergerie during this period and a series of conferences looks back at the destinies of revolutionary women. Men transformed this popular revolt into a revolution of the male citizen only. Yet, great in number and courage, women also marked History.


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