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Visual art

Yves Klein. The infinite blue

50 min visit

Atelier des Lumières - Paris
15 Dec → 3 Jan 2021
From Fri to Mon from 10 am to 10 pm. Closed Tue, Wed and Thu.

« Immerse yourself in the work of Yves Klein and let yourself be overwhelmed by this tasty and velvety blue. Emotions guaranteed!  »

Yves Klein, the artist who dreamed the world would be blue is in the spotlight at the Atelier des Lumières. It is not only Monet, Renoir or Van Gogh that the Mediterranean inspired. Originally from Nice, Yves Klein took a liking for the skies of his region and, from there, created his famous IKB blue (International Klein Blue). This colour, and all the others, he works on them work by work to arrive at an important conclusion that is reflected in his work: for him, "painting is COLOUR". Colour that he seeks to individualise, liberate and magnify in its purest form. Attributing almost spiritual and metaphysical qualities to it, he expresses the world through it. Presented in parallel with the interactive exhibition "Monet, Renoir...". Chagall. Travels in the Mediterranean", this ten-minute programme plunges us into the universe of this major 20th century artist. To the vibrant sound of Vivaldi or to the electronic rhythms of Thylacine is retraced his career: his "Monochromes", a polychromatic ensemble that tells the story of the living world of colours, his "Anthropometries", true imprints of the body, or his "Cosmogonies and Planetary Reliefs", inspired by nature. Enough to experience a total immersion in matter and sensibility.


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