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Zdeněk Košek. Dominus mundi

45 min visit

Christian Berst Art Brut
3 Sep → 10 Oct 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« Discover the meticulous and complex art of Zdeněk Košek!  »

Zdeněk Košek (1949-2015) is a Czech typographer and cartoonist. He began his artistic career as a self-taught artist with a rather classical art. However, following a severe trauma, he developed a psychic disorder and became psychotic at the age of 50. From that moment on, he will develop an obsession for nature. He observes natural phenomena such as wind, temperature changes, bird and insect noises... For Zdeněk Košek, everything is a sign and every fact has a special meaning. He sees himself as a kind of machine that receives and sends information. Thinking that nature is in total desolation, Zdeněk Košek makes cartographies, diagrams and schemes to restore the balance he wants. Numbers, letters, arrows and dotted lines blend together very precisely on pieces of paper. By carefully observing nature, Zdeněk Košek has built up his own vocabulary to bring order to the unfortunate chaos of nature. A major figure of Art Brut, this is the first time that such an important monographic exhibition has been devoted to him.


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